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I understand that any investment I make in bitcoin with the help of Bitcoin Guy is my responsibility. The safety of what I buy is also my responsibility. Coins lost due to mistakes in storage, lost passwords or exchange bankruptcy or criminality are the risks I knowingly accept. Fluctuations in price and potential issues with the bitcoin network are also risks I accept. I understand that I must act within the law and pay any taxes due as a result of my investments increasing in value.

Mistakes in handling my bitcoin are my own and not the responsibility of Bitcoin Guy. He cannot be the custodian of my coins, he can only help explain best practices and will make every effort to ensure that you are informed and comfortable with what you are doing. He can't however take responsibility for your investments, for the safety of your bitcoin, for your tax obligations, your estate planning or any other issues that could arise as a result of your choice to purchase bitcoin.

Bitcoin guy cannot be held liable for any issues regarding legality, taxation, storage, or price action. Nothing should be taken as investment or legal advice. He is not a lawyer or an accountant or an investment advisor.

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