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Can I buy bitcoin from you?

No. I can direct you to reputable exchanges where you can.

Why only bitcoin?


Can I buy bitcoin from you?

No, but I can direct you to reputable exchanges where you can.

I lost my coins! Can you help?

Yes, I will do everything I can to recover them, but if a password or mnemonic has been completely lost then they will most likely be unrecoverable.

Do you have any experience with bitcoin in my country?

Probably! Most of my experience is in Europe and North America.

Can you tell me when to buy/sell?

No, I am not a technical analyst of the market. In my opinion it is best to buy and store bitcoin as soon and for as long as possible regardless of entry/exit price. This is more appropriate given bitcoin's fundamental nature than trying to time the market.

Why only bitcoin?

Short answer: Nothing else in the blockchain space can ever hope to achieve the resilience or reliability that bitcoin has, and therefore should not be taken seriously for storing value.

But what about ethere...?

No. I have spent far too many hours explaining why these projects are ultimately a waste of time and are nothing more than gambling. Explaining why a scam is a scam is not enjoyable and I’d rather not spend my time doing it.

Is quantum computing a threat to bitcoin?


Who is in control of bitcoin?

Anyone who knows the relevant private keys (to actual coins).
Nobody/Everyone (the network itself).

What if the government make it illegal?

Bitcoin is legal and very well established in Canada, and almost all of the free world. It is increasingly less likely that governments will turn against bitcoin as heavier and more connected individuals and corporations increase their holdings.

How is bitcoin taxed?

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