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"Yesterday's event was a comprehensive talk on what Bitcoin is, why it’s a game changer and how to get involved. It was also an accessible introduction to the mathematics behind the whole operation. The fact that I’m not a mathematician myself didn’t get in the way of understanding the basics and Lex did a fantastic job all round."

- Slim Gabriel, London

"Lex's seminar delivered a coherent overview of the fundamentals in bitcoin. As a complete beginner I now feel I have a much better understanding to safely enter into the bitcoin world."

- Michael K

“There’s a reason this guy is one of the most respected names in the space! Trustworthy, intelligent, passionate! If you’re curious about Bitcoin this is the guy you want in your corner, thx Lex!”  


-J.B. Lee

"Hi. Just to say many thanks for the bitcoin presentation. Very interesting insight into the security structures, problem areas with some unregulated digital currencies as well as useful info about digital wallets. Wish I had followed your advice last year to buy bitcoins when they were about £500 each. As you no doubt know they hit £5000 each yesterday....lend us a fiver"

- Anon

"Thanks so much for the lesson. Wouldn't want to be doing what I'm doing without knowing what I know now. I recommend Bitcoinguy!"

- Henry Krinkle

"I had been holding my bitcoin for years. After speaking to Lex he alerted me to that fact that bitcoin had undergone many forks in 2017 and that was some free money sitting there. He helped me recover those fork coins and made extra bitcoin appear out of thin air! Beyond grateful!!"

-Stephen R

"I bought bitcoin years ago and the password I wrote down was wrong. Lex helped me recover the wallet and come up with a better method of storing my bitcoin."

- Kev

"Lex talked me and my wife through the basics. Really excited to be on the bitcoin train now and we feel like we made the right choice."

- Island

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