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Bitcoin/Cryptography crash course - Get set up on an exchange - First purchases - Bitcoin under your control


In addition to the Basic Package - Have your own full node running 24/7 - Accept Bitcoin personally or at your business -  Any extras such as getting setup on Lightning


Both packages will have me make myself available to you generally and provide you with regular updates on developments within the space and all other relevant information.

*Any additional expenses such as purchase of hardware wallets, seedplates, network fees etc will fall to the customer.

I can buy everything for you but in bitcoin this is not good practice as you should not be trusting me more than necessary; and using electronic devices provided by me is not necessary at all.

I can offer discounts on many of the things you will need. Please refer to my affiliates page


I work with bitcoin and bitcoin only! I can explain why scamcoins are scams if need be, but it's not an enjoyable part of my job and not a good use of your money.

Image by Brayden Law
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